I am very excited to see Kinoko Teikoku March 16, 2014

So excited that I, in fact, will make a very short and pointless blog post about it. They’re going to be playing two sets in Toronto as part of the ‘Next Music from TOKYO vol 6‘ series of shows with Happy! Mari, Uchu Conbini & Jizue (none of which I’m familiar with). The show dates are as follows:

May 16: Toronto @ the Rivoli
May 17: Toronto @ Lee’s Palace
May 19: Montreal @ Divan Orange
May 21: Vancouver @ Biltmore Cabaret (w/ guests: Sprïng)

If you’re able to attend any of these shows, I would highly suggest you do so. Kinoko Teikoku is just so good. Satou’s voice is so dreamyyyyyyyyy.

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So that Kill La Kill shit March 15, 2014

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Screencap of the year

I’m pretty indifferent with KLK to be honest. A lot of the criticism I hear about it (lazy fight scenes, slow plot progress especially during the first half of the series, lack of any sort character development behind Ryuuko and Satsuki) I can actually agree with. Nevertheless, taking this show with a grain salt, I still find it to be really entertaining. Not because it’s particularly done well, but because, it gives people who like the show what they want. They want ridiculousness. And, while the fight scenes might not be ridiculous, the plot and characters themselves are. I mean come on. You can’t say at this point that the plot hasn’t gone completely batshit ridiculous. It may have taken a while to get there, but it is. And the cast is just so campy. This is only amplified by the constant yelling at each other. I’m not saying that’s bad or anything but, come on. I dunno, maybe people don’t like that. I think it’s pretty funny to watch though.

I think Kill La Kill is kinda like 2chainz. You know it’s dumb and you know it’s not really well done at all. But it’s just so ridiculous that it’s entertaining. And that may not be everyone’s cup of tea but, I personally find it fun(ny) to watch.

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Takeshi Terauchi – Nippon Guitars 1966-1974 March 13, 2014


Dick Dale if he was a samurai

An interesting little find I had at Sloth Records today. If you know anything about me, I’m a pretty big fan of any sort of Japanese music. Likewise, I always try to keep my eye out for stuff like this. I was tempted to buy the $40 Attention Please record. Unfortunately… it was $40.

I’m not exactly familiar with Japan’s Baby Boomers and I’m even less familiar with that generations popular music. What I do know though is that the 60s were a time when Western rock’n’roll was just beginning to integrate itself into the East. With that said, when I listen to this record, I can hear an extreme amount influence from traditional Japanese folk music. Like half of the time it sounds like they’re covering Japanese folks songs in a bluesy surf rock style. Speaking of blues, that’s probably the third biggest influence I can hear behind the folk and the surf rock. The music feels dark and almost enka like at times. Add some stoner style fuzz and a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of funk and you get this record.

Anyways, if that sounds good to you, I suggest you check it out. It’s quite a good listen.

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Some awful rant on the genre of romance March 11, 2014

This season, I’ve been watching two romantic comedy animes, Nisekoi and Chuu2 S2. Frankly, I am enjoying neither of these shows. In fact, I can only watch Chuu2 while simultaneously listen to Dr. Dre’s 1992 debut album ‘The Chronic’. If you’ve never heard this album, here’s a sample:

Believe or not, the amount G on that album counter-acts all the cringe I feel whenever I watch that show. That aside, the reason I dislike both these animes (other than the cringe-style humor of Chuu2) is that neither offer anything new to the romance genre.

Chuu2 is basically an episodic show about a new a couple and the trials they have to go through. The episodic nature of the show really doesn’t lend itself well, especially since the male and female lead are already a couple. You can’t really develop that relationship more; they already love each other. What more do you have to add? What this leaves you with is a show with little to no growth, and thus, little to no room for any sort of originality. Looking back on this season, only two major things have happened in relations to the A-plot:

  • They introduced a romantic rival
  • The romantic rival realized she was a romantic rival

Before you start going off saying “but tons of things happened this season!”, everything that’s happened this season has had next to no relation to the Yuuta x Rikka relationship which should be the primary focus of the show. I mean, they are the male and female lead after all. The reason for this is that their relationship has already been completely developed. This forces the writers to either:

  • Write about other characters
  • Put strain on their relationship

And they did both. And while I did enjoy the B-plot of Dekomori x Nibutani, they executed the second option in probably the most unoriginal way possible. They made up some childhood friend of the opposite sex and created a love triangle.

Nisekoi on the otherhand is just a bland harem featuring popular female archetypes and a clueless male lead. I don’t think I really have to elaborate on how unoriginal that is. What I’ve noticed about Nisekoi though is that, the way it’s written, they only reveal any sort of plot at the very end of each episode. I feel that this is what keeps people watching this show. It’s kinda the same thing Kill La Kill does where they leave every episode in a cliffhanger. Other than that, the rest of each episode is usually just retarded RomCom fluff with “oh mai gash I hope he doesn’t realize I like him!!!!” or “baka baka hentai hentai!!!” stupidity.

So here we have two examples of terrible romance animes. The question I have is, how can you fix these shows to make them good? In all honesty, I have no idea. Off the top of my head, I can’t really think of many good romance stories in any sort of medium. This leads me to believe that the romance genre as a whole is just a flawed genre.

When people write about romance, they always do it with a positive tone. That’s what people who watch/read this kinda stuff want right? They want the him and the her living happily ever after. Well the fact of the matter is, love sucks. It is nothing like how it is in anime, or TV, or the movies, or almost any sort of fiction really. People don’t want to realize this though so they always look for the happy ending. There’s only so many ways to get there though and pretty much all of them have become tropes.

Nisekoi is a prime example of this issue. Two of the three main characters hold onto this idealism that thos promise they made so many years ago will eventually come to fruition. While I don’t know how this show will end, what I do know is that, believing something like that is completely retarded and extremely unrealistic. Why? Because love is shitty. Yet, there’s so many of these childhood friend romance bullshit things that people eat up because they have this ideal image of romance instilled in their heads. Kanon had it, Ai Yori Aoshi had it. Like, please.

I think the only real way to make the romance tolerable is to not focus on the romance itself. As self defeating as that is, when I look back on it, the only romance stories I’ve ever enjoyed were ones where the romance was just a side plot. Two examples that come to mind are the movie Amelie, and the wonderful anime Card Captor Sakura. The problem is, writing romance as the B-plot kinda makes the story not really a romance anymore.

In the end, do I think the romance genre as a whole can ever be saved? No, not really. It’s not so much the genre itself as it is the demographic the genre caters to that ruins it. They will always eat this tropey shit up. That’s what they dream of and yearn for. So whatever. Whatever you guys want. Even though I wrote over 850 words on this subject, I don’t even care.

Edit: My friend said I was being too jaded which I kinda agree in retrospect. It’s not so much I don’t think the genre could be saved, it’s just I don’t know how it can be saved. Anyways tell me your opinion if you actually read this.

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Hi I made a blog

I’m Chiisu/Sunnie/Chris. I technically own the domain ‘moe-alternative.net’. I kinda can’t do the whole episodic anime blogging thing because putting that much commitment into something you don’t like that much is fucking shitty.

That leaves us with the question, “what’s this blog going to be about?”. Well… I dunno. To be frank, I just wanted a place where I can make masturbatory shitposts. With that said, I’m guessing most of the topics that’ll end up being covered here will be my poorly thought out opinions on anime and otaku culture. Occasionally, I’ll try make music recommendations too I guess.

I have a habit of forgetting about these types of things. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen this time.

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